This post is brought to you by Hotel Chantelle.


"Family Meal" is a hallowed tradition for the salty souls in the food service grind: come in to work, gather in the kitchen and eat a quick meal from your line cooks before grabbing your apron for a long night's work. It's a time to catch up with your coworkers, mentally prepare for your shift and enjoy delicious food prepared from your restaurant's pantry.

Last summer, Lower East Side spot Hotel Chantelle brought the tradition to civilians with an all-day rooftop brunch for celebrating those perfect afternoons free of obligation. It happens only on Mondays—traditionally an off day for the hospitality industry—while an early start of 3pm means anyone working a later shift can come in and eat before heading into work.


Whether you're getting over your own hectic brunch service from the weekend or a 9-5er looking to take the edge off, you'll want to head to the LES to check it out. Each Family Meal features a full brunch menu as well as a $12 special that changes every Monday.

And here's the kicker: Hotel Chantelle is extending their popular 92 cent weekend brunch cocktails to include Monday's Family Meal, too. Drink up from 3-5pm—that's a dollar a drink after tax. Just in need of the classics? Bellinis, Mimosas and Bloody Marys are only $4.92. Add to that some live music and a DIY Bloody Mary Station and you've officially got what Day-Off Dreams are made of.

Family Meal Rooftop Brunch
Hotel Chantelle
92 Ludlow Street, LES
Mondays, all summer, at 3pm
92 cent cocktails available 3-5pm
Reservations: 212.254.9100
See more on Instagram at @HotelChantelle