2006_02_food_sake.jpg- Two choice choices for Fat Tuesday. We are going to Zum for the second year running.

- One girl's guide to her consumption of (mostly) Asian food. Written in great detail, the site is simple and easy to navigate, as well as rich with useful information such as simple food glossaries.

- With restaurant behavior like this, the Batali orgy of last summer seems downright tame. Is this the explanation of why Le Zinc abruptly disappeared ?

- Who knew you could cook Brisket in under 30 minutes ?

- The Times went two stars, the NY Sun jumped in with a solid write up, and for however long it is still BYOB, Orchard must be one of the great NYC dining values of the moment.

- We’ve been thinking of buying a Chef’s knife and found this fantastic site while trying to dig up some info about a value priced knife we saw in Cook’s Illustrated many years ago. Sorta settled on Shun Classic. Your thoughts?