2006_03_food_Hot Sake2.jpg- The UK Guardian weighs in with its picks for food blogs from around the world.

- The march towards informing shoppers about the options and benefits of buying local fruits and vegetables, as well as carefully raised meats, continues apace. The perils of success also become apparent as big agribusiness pushes in behind the trailblazers

-Here are some cookbook options for Dad this Sunday.
+ Cooking by Hand – sausage making and other manly food fun.
+ Barbeque books from Steven Raichlen – the classic and the sorta newer.
+ A solid intro to restaurant style recipes from Tom Colicchio, aptly titled Think Like a Chef.
+ Something glossy from Thomas Keller, the more usable Bouchon cookbook.
+ And finally some essentials for all the chem/engineer Dads – Harold McGee’s On Food and Cooking: The Science and Lore of the Kitchen or Molecular Gastronomy : Exploring the Science of Flavor.