2006_03_food_Hot Sake2.jpgTwentyaday weighs in with a look at some of the places covered in last weeks Subway Fare. We like that they refer the uniqueness of the fries for a fast food place.

Please go to one of these restaurants on Sunday, April 30th to do your bit fighting the damage left by genocide in Darfur. Right now we are leaning toward Tia Pol or Cafe D'Alsace.

A light and enjoyable post from the Mr. Asimov's The Pour.

Page Six looks gives some shine to a Restaurants and Institutions magazine article about the top grossing independent restaurants in the country. Tao is actually #1 in booze as well.

The Rolling Stones made a Rice Krispies commercial in 1964, hum. (video from YouTube via GoldenFiddle via Advanced Theory)