2006_03_food_Hot Sake2.jpg
  • Cold brewed coffee has been a summer iced coffee secret for those in the know for some time. While it is not mentioned in the article, certain blends work best for this method, try Porto Rico coffee to get the goods for this distinct approach to a summertime favorite.
  • What's an 11 champagne lunch? Why would you even bother to ask -- just go!
  • July has just started and local corn is here at the Greenmarket – all is good and bad in the world at once. As an FYI, the Union Square Greenmarket will be open Wednesday.
  • Kookie but true, the owner of R.U.B. Has the guys from American Chopper building him a motorcycle that has a meat smoker for a sidecar.
  • Michael Harlan Turkell goes through a “You Are What You Eat” at Ganda's joint. We like this guys taste – amongst the name checked are Marlow & Sons, Yaytoons and Karen Waltuck.
  • Got some Hot Sake for us? Send it our way, credit will be given...or not if you prefer.