2006_02_food_sake.jpgFor your review, a glimpse of what our food comrades are posting about around the web this week:

- You Are What You Eat is a Friday (most weeks, it is a blog) feature from eat drink one woman that offers glimpses into how some NY’ers interact with food during their lives. Here is a link to the archives, we found amusing the lengthy last meal list of the most recent subject.

- Excerpts, via Slice, of Ed Levine’s book Pizza: A Slice of Heaven.

- Possibly the last salvo in the Strong flap ? Eater has been on it from the beginning.

- The definitive coverage of the Morimoto opening; Seven (1,2,3,4,5,6,7) rapid fire visits by Augieland, replete with lots of color close-up photos, to the new Iron Chef temple.

- Is death impending for a great Brooklyn Mexican ?