2006_03_food_Hot Sake2.jpgLet’s start with some birth announcements.

- Savoy is set to get its first offspring early next winter (think March/April). We can’t share too much on the location since the deal is still not done, but expect it to be east of the current location. Look for the menu to be in the vein of the approachable, sandwich/salad/mezze lunch program that followed the Savoy's renovation a couple of years ago. Entrée plates will be more value-oriented than the original, but should retain their classic approach to quality.

- Zak Pelaccio strikes again - this time going overseas, as per Grub Street, to "take over Alain Ducasse's Spoon (owned by Jeffrey Chodorow) in the Sanderson Hotel in London." Fortunately for Londoners, unfortunately for your cousin in Boise, turns out Josh picked up the phone and did some reporting after reading on Eater, inaccurately according to the Chef, that Fatty Crab was going national in a partnership with the aforementioned Mr. Chodorow

- While mentioned elsewhere, the opening of Tinto Fino wine store on First Avenue in the East Village deserves some further notice. Opened by Mani Dawes, a partner at Tia Pol, the warm and inviting shop is chock full of ways to test what Spain has to offer. There will also be tastings regularly so call (212) 254-0850 to check in.

- Starting tomorrow Meg Hourihan will be beginning a “Thanksgiving spectacular”, expect lots of information carefully sifted for maximum usability and tasty results.

- Meta within meta – Ed Levine posts about the glossy food mags, their virtues and soft spots, and has mostly praise for the New York Times recent “T”, the Times magazine supplement from two weekends ago.

- Michael Ruhlman goes deep on swine over at his new blog. Starts innocently enough with a post on an upcoming pig dinner in Ohio he is attending (replete with high-end, pampered animal specimen) and moves onto pig history with Peter Kaminsky here.

- Foodite has what may be first glimpse of Porchetta involving the actual tasting of food. We recently enjoyed a similar, slightly more expansive, version of the tasting menu covered in the post and are happy to report things are cruising along well at the restaurant. Similar to Gerald, Gothamist loved the Smoked Sunchoke Soup, the housemade Orecchiette with Pork Sausage, Gorgonzola and Cheese Pumpkin Sauce, and the pork (ours was belly) with Melted Cauliflower. Also included in our line-up was a sample of an upcoming homemade guanciale over flatbread with melted tallegio, and some excellent short ribs served with mustard greens fondue. While dinner is easily worth whatever the menu price is (antipasti and primi mostly under $10 and no entrees over $20) go early if you can for a great prix fixe deal - $25 for 3 courses and a glass of wine. Expect more reports in the near future – our money is on Ms. Strong in the next few of weeks at the very least.

Got some Hot Sake for us ? Send it our way, credit will be given......or not if you prefer.