We've seen a lot of silly and horrifying pizza creations cross our screens, so it takes a particularly zany pie topper to get our attention. Greenwich Village pizzeria Ribalta had debuted a new "Americana" pizza ($16) that sounds like a children's birthday party all in one dish: a pie topped with mozzarella, hot dogs and french fries. Does it come with a ketchup dipping sauce?

We spoke with Ribalta owner Rosario Procino, who tells us the unusual pie is actually common where he's from in Naples, and contrary to popular opinion, "there's a lot of creativity going on in Neopolitan pizza." As for why he selected these particular ingredients to represent the States, Procino explained, "Fries and hot dogs in the Italian conception is always something seen as American. We saw it as a tribute to New York and America, blending the tradition of Naples with America, which is where we are; honoring the country that's hosting us." The restaurant sources its hot dogs from Hebrew National, and though they're buying their french fries elsewhere for now, Procino reveals they're thinking of making their own.

What they do make, however, is their own is their crust, which Procino is quick to point out follows traditional dough-making practices of his homeland, including a special kind of yeast not used by other Neopolitan pizzerias stateside. Though you can chose one of the restaurant's suggested pies, Ribalta is also launching a "Make Your Own Pizza" menu today, where you can call the topping's shots with things like Sicilian capers, eggplant, shrimp, boiled eggs and, of course, hot dogs and french fries. With all those options, you could almost recreate the most epic pizza of our time.

[h/t New York Magazine]

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