In case you weren't aware: slingin' dogs is dangerous. After a turf dispute outside the Timer Warner offices on Columbus Circle, a hot dog vendor slashed his competitor in the face with a razor, the Post reports. Azmy Mansour, who had only shown up in the locale a week earlier, angrily approached the cart of brothers Mohammed and Houssen Ellaboudiy. After Houssen told him he was acting crazy, Mansour allegedly said "You want crazy? You'll see crazy!" and lunged at Houssen, a father of one.

Mohammed, who claimed that he and his brother have been working the "same spot for the past nine months," said that his brother told his assailant that he had a lawyer, but Mansour didn't care: "He said 'Fuck you! Fuck your lawyer.'" Luckily Houssen's wounds weren't life threatening, and he was in stable condition after the slashing. "I pay my taxes. This is legal what I do. I need to come back here. I just need to work. I don't need anyone to bother me. This is Mafia in the streets," Mohammed said.

Mansour was booked with assault and criminal possession of a weapon. While the Frankfurter Mafia was unavailable for comment, we'd like to take this opportunity to point out the REAL Mafia in all this: Time Warner. Maybe Mansour had just spent two hours on the phone trying to explain why the internet he pays hard-earned money for doesn't work?