A hot dog vendor in Manhattan allegedly terrorized a rival vendor and his family over cart territory, telling the rival he was going to kill him and kidnap his children if he didn't stop hocking grub in his space.

According to Jersey City police, the unidentified vendor and three accomplices stormed the unidentified rival's home at around 2:15 p.m. on Thursday, wielding pocket knives. One attacker allegedly told the victim, who has four children all under the age of 10, "Like I told you before, I am gonna kill you and kidnap your kids, if you keep selling or putting the cart in my areas." They then allegedly slashed the victim on his right upper arm and threw his wife and 1-year-old child against a mirror, shattering it.

The family was reportedly saved when a family friend overheard the ruckus and entered the family's Rock Street home. No arrests have been reported yet, though the victim says he'll be filing a complaint against the alleged attackers. It's unclear whether he has relocated his hot dog cart.