Greasy spoon gone bad: At left, a still from Fringe, © Fox. At right, Hope & Anchor, yesterday.
The synopsis for an upcoming episode of Fringe, partially shot in Red Hook, goes like this:

After weeks of being reported missing, a woman with a rare disease resurfaces in suburban Massachusetts and inexplicably causes excruciating pain and subsequent death to those she encounters.

It’s probably safe to assume that excruciating pain and subsequent death has befallen the customer in the above left publicity still, and that she didn’t just doze off while waiting for those fries. The waitress on duty yesterday afternoon at Hope & Anchor said that when filming wrapped on a few scenes for an upcoming episode of Fringe called “The Cure,” the production company left some of the “Holly’s Diner- Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner” lettering attached to the Red Hook restaurant’s window, facing Van Brunt Street.

Management liked the new signage so much that they decided to leave it… sort of: “They forgot the f in ‘breakfast,” the Hope & Anchor waitress said. “On both the window and the front door,” she added [the smaller lettering can be seen in close-up here]. “We theorized it might be some kind of inside joke.” Or perhaps misspellings in general are part of The Pattern, in which case we’re all ucked.

Regardless, Hope & Anchor put the f back in breakfast and Red Hook has returned to stasis, other than news of Anthony Bourdain enjoying bbq with Keith Richards, Louise Brooks, and Kim Philby. The Red Hook-featured Fringe episode called “The Cure” airs on October 21. And a few months ago, a video for Santogold with those pimped out stereo bikes was shot just outside the place. [Via i09]