Hot on the heels wings of the announcement of a Midtown location, Hooters restaurant may be swooping in for a landing on Coney Island. The Daily News reports that Surf Avenue landlord Natan Bukai has been sending sketches to the chain in hopes to bring more wings, breasts and thighs to the landmark neighborhood. "You have a Mermaid Parade with half naked people. You have a beach with bikinis," says Bukai's broker, Joe Vitacco. "This is not a place where kids become amoral if they see a piece of leg."

While a Coney Island Hooters is not set in stone, Jim Mallamn, director of franchise support, told the News it's a "possibility that [they] are looking at" but won't decide on a Brooklyn location until at least 2013. "It looks like a pretty interesting area for development." The area has seen lots of development over the past few years and the city recently announced tentative plans to convert Childs Restaurant into an entertainment complex.

Earlier this year, the stroller set in Park Slope became incensed when word got out that Hooters' reps were shopping for a location near the soon-to-be-open Barclays center. But something tells us there won't be a quite such an uproar if a location opens up across the street from Nathan's Hot Dogs. Boobs and tubes for everyone!