DeSalazarGothamist Food's own Joe DeSalazar is in the New York Post this morning, in an article on the growth of dining clubs in the city. Joe's very own dining club, Foodie, garners the Post's praise:

Other people just want to eat. And for them, Foodie is nirvana. This gourmet club was started by Joe DeSalazar, 28, a former ad exec with an incurable desire to cook.

In December 2002, he created a dinner club for folks who love tasting menus but can't stand their pretense or price tags.

He's hosted nine events at rented loft spaces around the city. For the last one, attended by about 50 guests - singles and couples from their mid-20s to late 50s - DeSalazar prepared a six-country tasting menu including dishes from Mexico (banana leaf steamed cod with Queretaro green mole) and Italy (eggplant parmigiano bolognese with wild boar ragu). The dinners are $100 per person and include wine, tax and tip.

"With Foodie, you get a fun, casual, affordable food and wine-tasting event," DeSalazar says. "Plus, it's a great way for me to showcase what I can do in the kitchen without having to make a full career change."

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