wine-school.jpgThis time of year was always bittersweet for us. The summer was winding down and those carefree, lazy afternoons become numbered. However there was something energizing about beginning a new school year. Maybe it was the excitment of picking out new fall clothes, backpacks and a hot pink Jem Trapper-Keeper (we were partial to Smurfs and Snorks as well). Now we've traded in our colorful binders for the standard issue white with the handy clear sleeve. But just because we are no longer students doesn't mean we can't go back to school. Actually, school just got a whole lot more interesting.

Of course we are talking about wine school. Programs and classes are popping up all over the city at very reasonable prices. Whether you just want a class or two to learn the basics or an intensive program teaching you everything you wanted to know about malolatic fermentation, there is something for everyone...

Bottlerocket's Four Week Introductory Series, $175
This four session program is a fun, laid back way to familarize yourself with the major types and styles of wine. Classes include: Explore the major varieties, Old World vs. New World, White Wines and Red Wines.
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Institute of Culinary Education (ICE) Wine Program
Whether you are looking to uncover the mysteries of Burgundy or just need a little help in finding those great wines under $15, the ICE has a class for you. Ranging from one session to a six series wine introduction course, you can customize your program to fit your schedule, interests and budget.
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International Wine Center (IWC), $768
The Intermediate Certificate at IWC is for those who have a serious interest in wine and want to learn more than just the basics. The $768 registration fee may seem a little steep but it includes quite a bit - eight two-hour sessions, course materials and most importantly the wine. At the end of the course, students who pass the multiple choice exam will receive the WSET Intermediate Certificate and the ability to impress your friends with random wine facts.
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It's hard to go back to "traditional" studying after going to wine school. You learn helpful tools to navigate any wine list or store, and homework -- well, it never tasted so good.