Yes, we know it's a lame title, but we couldn't think of a witty way to tie this week's food events together. And we know that Tuesday is generally Joe's Eating In column, but he's got this "job" thing that seems to have reared its ugly head, (not to mention his 10th foodie this past Sunday -- congratulations, Joe!) so you'll have to hang tight for a few days. Now, without further ado, some of this weeks fabulous food events:

December 8th: Eat, Drink and Celebrate at Le Tableau Bistrot
For $65, you can sample five courses of holiday food, including homemade gravlax, caviar and corn blinis, and fruit compote with eggnog semifreddo. Each course is paired with wine, which certainly increases the festivity quotient. For more information or reservations, call 212-260 1333. Le Tableau, 511 E 5th Street, 6pm - 10 pm.

December 8th: A Taste of District 2
Gur Tsabar, 2005 City Council hopeful, is holding a tasting event at Solas featuring 25 restaurants in his district, including Butter, Frank, Raga, Mercadito, Veselka, Bao 111, and the 2nd Avenue Deli. Tickets range from $50 to $250, depending on level of sponsorship. For more information or to purchase tickets visit Gur's website. On a side note, we know little to nothing about this guy's politics, but we like his food choices! Solas, 232 East 9th Street.

2004_12_food_secondavedeli.jpgNow through December 15th: The Hannukah Hotline
And speaking of the 2nd Avenue Deli, Sharon Lebewohl, co-owner and author of their cookbook will be available to answer questions and solve problems related to traditional Hannukah food at 1-866-KIBBITZ (542-2489) from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. through Dec. 15. [via Newsday]