It's been more than three years since famed St. Marks Place dive Holiday Cocktail Lounge closed for extensive renovations. And at long last, the drinking hole once frequented by the likes of Leon Trotsky, Allen Ginsburg, the Ramones, and Madonna is getting new life—the bar will reopen on Monday under new ownership.

Now under the watchful eye of Robert Ehrlich of Pirate's Booty fame, bartender Michael Neff of Ward III and The Rum House and his brother Danny Neff of Extra Fancy and The Bar Room will sling drinks. Barbara Sibley of La Palapa is in charge of the menu, which, as is apparently requisite round these parts, consists of dishes made from "hyper-local ingredients from purveyors that are within a short radius of the bar," according to a press release.

Though the food and drink service sounds a little fancier than it was during its punk rock dive days under late owner Stefan Lutak, initial photographs suggest the space itself hasn't been sanitized to the sad corporate depths of The TD Bank Mars Bar, at least. Holiday Cocktail Lounge's signature horseshoe bar remains on display, though it's reportedly been shuffled around a bit. Renovators also discovered a harem scene print hidden behind some paneling that's since been hung up, plus the bar's old phone booth still has a prominent spot in the space.

Holiday Cocktail Lounge's new iteration opens at 75 St. Marks Place on Monday.