Quintessential St. Mark's Place dive bar Holiday Cocktail Lounge has reopened after going dark around the beginning of the year, EV Grieve reports. The nightspot has been the Holiday since 1965, when it was bought by Stefan Lutak, who's now in his '90s and was recently hospitalized. Vanishing New York finds that while he's doing better, the fate of the Holiday is still uncertain. Vanishing also finds Lutak's history of the bar on one wall: "A lot of 'Punk Rockers,' drinking beer and making noise, began crowding all the time in front of the Deli. People were getting very nervous. One night I invited them all into our bar and they come all the time now and behave very well." For the time being, the Holiday's open only on Friday and Saturday nights, so if you want a fitting place to drown your sorrows over Love Saves the Day's closing, you'll have to wait until the weekend.