Because this world wasn't already inundated with overpriced, Pumpkin Spice-flavored beverages, Starbucks has decided to spread its soulless corporate virus even further. The Seattle-based chain will add 1,500 additional stores in the United States over the next five years, according to the AP.

Starbucks currently operates 11,100 "cafes" in the U.S. alone and plans to have more than 20,000 worldwide by 2014, most of which comes from an increased presence in China. This new expansion would mean a 13% increase in U.S. cafes, a nice turn around from 2008 when the chain was forced to close hundreds of stores after stock dipped dramatically. These days, a new store can be built for around $450,000 and most recently-built cafes have averaged sales upwards of $1 million a year. That's a lotta lattes!

In addition to aggressively spamming your neighborhood with its green lady logo (we still can't believe there are now two between Houston and 14th Street on First Avenue alone), the chain is also expanding its food and beverage options. Starbucks recently acquired Teavana teas—which will replace the Tazo brand—Evolution juices and new baked goods from San Francisco-based chain La Boulange. Exact locations of the new cafes have yet to be announced but rest assured employees will be forced to support whatever local sports team might play nearby.