Looking for a last minute culinary adventure tonight? Head over to the American Museum of Natural History at 6:30 p.m. for an event titled: Historic Remedies For Your Expanding Waistline. For 30 bucks you'll learn straight from historic gastronomist Sarah Lohman (author of the blog Four Pounds Flour) about how Americans traditionally tried to shed a unwanted weight—"from William Banting’s “Letter on Corpulence” to “Fletcherizing” with John Harvey Kellogg, explore and taste some of the best (and worst) historic diet trends in America."

The menu for tonight's event includes: Graham Bread with Cold Water and Dr. Kellogg’s Protose Meatless Balls. Until then, here's how to drink like a colonial American (it's all about 10-proof hard cider, apparently)... and they drank a lot: