Hiram Monserrate the disgraced former State Senator and abusive boyfriend has gone from slashing faces to cutting slices. Turns out that Monserrate is now working the counters at the pizza place that took over his campaign offices. "I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to serve again. I am currently consulting and assisting in the management of Papaya Pizza," Monserrate told the Post in a statement that concludes "For dessert I recommend the coconut flan."

Though Monserrate says he is just an employee at the slice joint, paperwork for the spot seems to lead back to his mother's house in Queens. And a worker who identified himself as the manager told the paper that Monserrate was "the boss."

On the plus side, the two-month-old restaurant got an A on their last inspection. But still, we have to wonder, would anyone knowingly buy a pizza from Hiram Monserrate?