Because this world—despite its abundance of fancy ketchups and gourmet mustards—apparently doesn't have enough artisanal condiments, Sam Mason, late of wd~50 and Tailor, has decided to bring a line of high-end, oddly-flavored mayos to a storefront in Brooklyn.

Mason and his business partner Elizabeth Valleau have been doling out smoked paprika and foie gras-flavored mayos at Smorgasburg all summer, and they've apparently done well enough to move on up to a brick and mortar location in Prospect Heights. Which raises the question: just how many people were buying liver-spiked mayo under the blazing heat of the hot sun all summer? What is wrong with you people?

Anyhow, the store is going to function mainly as a sort of testing lab for Mason to mad-scientist his way through all sorts of bizarro mayo flavors, since New York is apparently in the grips of a "condiment revolution" these days. Should you desperately feel the need to quench your artisanal mayo craving, Empire Mayonnaise will be open in November at 564 Vanderbilt Avenue. As Fork in the Road points out: Brooklyn has officially devolved into self-parody.