It's almost time for the fifth iteration of Identitá New York, the weekend of seminars and fancy dinners meant to nurture the collaboration of local chefs and their contemporaries in Italy. Eataly plays host to this gathering, which begins this year on October 9th and concludes on the 12th, during which time many plates of pasta, tomatoes, meats and other delicious ingredients will be manipulated into delectable dishes to enjoy inside the sprawling market's culinary school. This year's fancy dinners are unfortunately sold out, but the remaining seminars—where one American and one Italian chef cook for a small group—are some of the best of the bunch, featuring some cool kid chefs from the NYC scene.

The list includes Gramercy Tavern's Michael Anthony; Bryce Shuman of outstanding newcomer Betony; Spotted Pig/The Breslin magician April Bloomfield; and Luksus's Daniel Burns, who was also the Head of Research and Development of the Momofuku Kitchen Lab. Each will be joined by an Italian chef of equal acclaim. Duos are tasked with "discuss[ing] today’s global culinary trends and techniques, and prepar[ing] dishes that best represent their topics." Oh, and there'll be wine!

Tickets are a bit steep at $125 but you really wouldn't get away with much less dining at these chef's actual restaurants. Check out the full schedule on the website.