At the end of last week, we were so impressed to read that someone actually had the intestinal stamina to beat the Hill Country "Feed Your Face Challenge." We shouldn't have been. Turns out, eating two pounds of meat, two sides, a cupcake, and a 32-ounce soft drink in under an hour is child's play. At least, it is for a "competitive eater." We're told that on Saturday, an unidentified female pro eater visited the popular BBQ joint and beat the challenge in eight minutes—then added another extra pound of meat and some more sides! Hill Country's workers say they don't remember her name, but the restaurant insists they initially set the challenge with the condition that if anyone wanted to set the bar higher they could... and she did. Now it's really extreme.

A reader who visited Hill Country Saturday was notified that the challenge had changed to 3 lbs of meat and two medium sides (as opposed to 2 lbs of meat and two small sides). Even tougher to swallow, the new cost of losing is now $85 instead of $65. According to our source, "The servers also told us one other guy tried the new challenge before us and he got down to the cupcake, but ended up puking on his cupcake." A Hill Country rep confirms the changes, and says the three pounds of meat is comprised of 3/4 lb. of Moist Brisket, 3/4 lb. of Lean Brisket, 3/4 lb. of Beef Shoulder, and 3/4 lb. of Prime Rib. Hardcore. It's as if Lou Reed strolled into an amateur arrogance contest and set the bar so high only Kanye West could compete.