There was a lot of tall talk around the Gothamist offices yesterday about taking on the Hill Country BBQ challenge (eating two pounds of meat, two sides, a cupcake, and a 32-ounce drink within an hour gets your $65 meal comped). But while some were just talking, others were already gorging. Grub Street's Daniel Maurer strapped it on yesterday: "Around that 37-minute mark, you hit the wall. You begin feeling a little bit high, and not in a good way: time slows to a crawl; things become very grotesque; your friend is talking to you but you’re not really listening (mostly because hearing him ask the waitress to recommend a cupcake is making you nauseated); and suddenly it’s like you’re in the bar from Fear and Loathing." But Maurer persevered and finished with five minutes to spare, and now his photo's up on the Hill Country "Wall of Cue." You gonna take that, Tien?