Midtown's excellent ramen spot Hide-Chan appears to be doubling its NYC presence with a second location opening this spring in Hell's Kitchen. The noodle pushers are bringing their excellent Hakata kuro ramen and the rest to 53rd between 8th and 9th, reports DNAinfo, and the restaurant has appealed for a liquor license with the community board and SLA.

Owner Bobby Munekata also operates several outposts of Totto Ramen, one of which is directly underneath the east side Hide-Chan. Upstairs, the Spicy Garlic Ramen ($12) draws crowds—there's almost always a line of people waiting on the stairs—for the black slick of charred black garlic oil atop a bowl of milky, porky tonkotsu broth. Hide-Chan offers the ability to customize both noodle firmness and the intensity of the broth itself; if you go full "rich," be prepared to wear a layer of pork fat lipstick the rest of the night.

There are half a dozen other ramen options, plus appetizers including bao, takoyaki, fried chicken and dumplings. If the fat content of the ramen isn't high enough, indulge in their ridiculous (but delicious) Cheese Gyoza, where the tiny pork purses are coated in a thick layer of broiled cheese.

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