Earlier this year, we took a closer look at New York Bakery, the fusion taco spot hidden up a staircase on West 29th Street. There, a man who goes by the single name Harrison and his wife turn out platters of Mexican food including tacos with Korean flair in addition to soups and noodle dishes served humbly on red plastic trays. And in a few months, Harrison says they'll be gone, because a developer is reportedly "working on permits to tear down the building and put up something bigger." Are not even the tacos sacred?

Jeremiah Moss of Jeremiah's Vanishing New York stopped by for lunch and got the word directly from Harrison, who thinks he has maybe a month or two before he has to vacate. Harrison told Moss his customers would be "crying" when they find out about the shutter. Understandably.

Kimchi bulgogi and beef tacos are the Friday special at New York Bakery (Scott Heins/Gothamist)

Harrison, a Korean immigrant, has been running the New York Bakery for 12 years. From our previous coverage:

When he took over New York Bakery, Harrison spoke no Spanish and hardly any English. For a year, business was bad, but after noticing the high density of Mexican workers taking their lunch breaks in the neighborhood, he made up his mind to start serving a cuisine he knew nothing about. "I thought about it for a few weeks. Then, a Mexican lady came in here and she said "I'll cook for you!" With the help of that first cook, Isabel, and the advice of his customers, Harrison became the owner of what is now one of the area's best lunch options.

Harrison (Scott Heins/Gothamist)