Gothamist is always on the lookout for the out-of-the-way, under-the-radar spot that deserves to be recognized by foodies and bar aficionados alike. But, who would've thunk that the bustling neighborhood of Brooklyn Heights would actually have an honest-to-goodness Italian dining and wining destination hidden away, awaiting discovery?

We didn't need to send out a team of archaeologists to find Palmira's, but it wouldn't have hurt. The restaurant is situated on the strictly residential corner of Clark and Hicks Streets, away from the retail thoroughfare of Henry Street and the Heights' main drag, Montague Street. Climbing up the establishment's stairs, you land in an attractive dining room. Nice, but nothing out of the ordinary.

palmiras.jpgLittle did we know that the real discovery was right around the corner - through a small passageway to the left. Go through it, and a huge, magnificent marble bar is revealed. And, behind that, is a glorious open, airy dining space with wooden beams and other decorative touches.

Toss in an exceptional wine list, live jazz, gracious service and the kind of Italian-American fare that makes Gothamist come up with oddball phrases like "haute Bay Ridge cuisine," and you've got an official "find" on your hands.

-- Vittles Vamp

Palmira's, 41 Clark Street, Brooklyn Heights, (718) 237-4100