diamond.jpgYou gotta love New York. Even for all the obsessive coverage of the city via newspapers, TV, bloggers and the ol’word-of-mouth buzz, some food and wine spots still stay below the radar. Sure, Time Out New York may run a blurb when they open and there may be a mention elsewhere, but then nothing again – no follow-up, no PageSix mentions for a fancy birthday party, nada. If you live near one of these spots, you know of what we speak. Often just about empty, occasionally showing a flurry of strong crowds – sometimes their financial viability is inexplicable.

Here is a short roundup of some spots like this that pop up on our neighborhood strolls.

Jadis – 42 Rivington between Forsyth and Eldridge, 212-254-1675:
A cozy exposed brick lounge a few steps down from the sidewalk, this spot serves small plates of French-ish food and wine to people gathered at the bar, front tables or on the couches in the back. Bookshelves and assorted knickknacks make the scene complete.

Grape and Grain – 620 East 6th street between avenues B & C, 212-420-0002:
It is a few steps up to this Italian inspired wine bar that serves salads, panini and other foodstuffs. They are expanding next door, so clearly something good is afoot.

Vin Noir – 228 Mott street between Prince and Spring, 212-925-8510:
Running all sorts of film noir on the LCD in the back, this wine bar with very adventurous dishes may be full on the prime nights, but pass by on a Tuesday and it is a different story. Great funky illuminated chairs mark the outside and do yourself a favor and pop by sometime when there is no problem wrangling a few seats at the bar.

Any hidden gems that you want to share with us? We understand if you want to keep them to yourselves, though.