2005_11_food_hick.jpgThe anticipation is getting to be too much. First, Tony Migliaccio of Noodle Pudding fame took over the former wine store on the corner of Brooklyn Heights' Hicks and Cranberry Streets. Shortly after, word was that he'd signed over the lease to a budding restauranteur. And, for the past several months the windows of the former Michael's Wines space have been covered in brown paper, with only sporadic signs of work within.

What's going on?

Gothamist has learned that the space is slowly but surely being converted into a comfortable, yet fashionable, American bistro by chef/owner Tim Olsen, who has graced the kitchens of Manhattan swell spots like Gramercy Tavern and Tabla. A Wisconsin native, Olsen plans to name his elegant, neighborhood eatery Jackson Lake, after one of the state's best fishing spots.

Why the long wait? We've decided to give up guessing and simply continue to peer between the sheets of paper that line the windows. At this point, Gothamist simply looks forward to 64 Hicks Street's "unwrapping."