It's been a rough year for the carbo-kings at H&H Bagels, and it looks like things could be getting worse—the Wall Street Journal is reporting that the company may be evicted from their 639 West 46th Street mass-manufacturing plant. Is no bagel safe?

The plant is the company's last space, where they pump out "millions of bagels for restaurants and grocery store around the world." According to court papers, financially troubled owner Helmer Toro owes nearly $600,000 in rent, dating back to June 2009. "It appears that H&H may be close to the end of the line," a bankruptcy attorney told the Journal.

We put in a call to the plant this morning, where an employee told us that her managers hadn't said anything about a possible eviction. Meanwhile, the owners of Davidovich Bagels, who are vying for Upper West Side bagel supremacy in the former H&H space, were seen rubbing their hands and whispering "yes, yes, very good" under their breath.