Regular meat-filled meatballs at IKEA. (Photo by Harris Graber)

According to Viva, IKEA will start serving up meatless meatballs this April. Their global Sustainability and Health Manager told the animal rights organization: "IKEA wants to offer healthy food choices that are delicious, sustainable and affordable for the many people, based on the IKEA Swedish identity. IKEA Food is currently developing the food range to provide options that meet the many different preferences of our customers. One of the exciting new products is a Veggie ball which will be launched in our stores from April and onwards. The veggie ball does not have any animal content and is therefore also suitable for vegans." Do reindeer count as animal? (JK even PETA applauds the store.)

Grub Street notes that while the product will only be available in the restaurant initially, they promise "frozen bags for take-home are in the works too."

Now everyone can eat meatballs before ripping chunks of hair out as they attempt to assemble a piece of Scandinavian modern style furniture.