You look at the world around you, and things don't look too great at the moment. I'm not going to try to lie or sugarcoat it for you, because you're an adult and you can take the truth. However, you can still sugarcoat your existence today if you find yourself in Williamsburg, because insane milkshake manufacturer Black Tap is doing a kitchen takeover at Williamsburg's Humboldt and Jackson (434 Humboldt Street). Which means, yes, comically large and sugar-filled milkshakes for one and all.

Don't worry about your diet or any other kind of restrictions, because after all, it's Saturday. And what better thing to so on a Saturday while the world spins out of control than hit up a bar and eat big hamburgers and drink big milkshakes? Okay you can also call your Congressperson and ask them to slow down the march to war, but after that, you can head to Humboldt and Jackson, where the folks from Black Tap will be serving up three types of burgers and three types of enormous milkshakes from 2 p.m until 11 p.m.

You can get a classic All American cheeseburger for or a black bean patty vegan burger for $15, or if you want to go nuts, a wagyu beef burger for $19. And of course, like any good burger offer, the meat sandwiches come with fries too.

On the milkshake front, you can choose from the Cookie Shake (a vanilla shake with vanilla cookie, vanilla frosted rim with cookie crumbles topped with a ‘cookiewich’, crumbled cookies, chocolate chips, whipped cream & chocolate drizzle), the Brooklyn Blackout (a chocolate shake with chocolate frosted rim with mini chocolate chips topped with a chocolate brownie, whipped cream & chocolate drizzle) or a Cookies 'N Cream Supreme (an Oreo shake with a vanilla frosted rim with crushed Oreos topped with a ‘cookies n cream’ sandwich, crumbled Oreo, whipped cream & chocolate drizzle). Whichever shake you choose, just remember not to take them lightly, as we've show in the past what a journey they can be.