Hershey recently released the first aerated chocolate to hit the retail market in America, where we've lagged behind Britain in aerated chocolate advancements. Hershey's answer to the Nestle Aero (which is mostly sold in England) is the Air Delight, which is "designed to help chocolate lovers savor and enjoy every chocolate-filled, lasting moment." Obviously, the great thing about air is that it's very low in calories, so when Hershey sent us some samples of their aerated kisses and the aerated candy bars, we promptly inhaled them. Here are some reactions to this exotic new chocolate experience:

  • It's really good—it just collapses in my mouth!
  • This is Hershey's way to introduce Americans to the new austerity measures. In five years all your food will be aerated because it's all we'll be able to afford. This is just the tip of the iceberg, people.
  • My mouth feels better. They're a little fluffy, like 3 Musketeers.
  • Are they charging the same amount per bag? Cuz there's a lot of air here.
  • It seems more mousse-like.
  • As someone who likes to nurse a Hershey's Kiss, the melting process is delightful.
  • Smells good. It's almost like if you took a normal Hershey's Kiss and left it in a hot car so it got a little melted. Its a little softer, and maybe a tiny bit sweeter.
  • What's the point of this?

Oh, and we received one write-in reaction via email from Gothamist editor Christopher Robbins, who tends to pick the wrong day to skip work: "PLEASE SAVE ME AN AIR DELIGHT. I'VE WAITED MY ENTIRE LIFE FOR THIS MOMENT." Sorry Robbins, to do so would only reward idleness. But don't worry, the aerated chocolate bars and Kisses are now available at retail outlets nationwide! And we'll send some photos from our hot air balloon ride later.