Today's New York Times takes a look at heroes -- not the role-model kind, but the hearty-sandwich kind. There's been a lot of buzz about Vietnamese banh mi lately, and the article mentions Nicky's, which recently opened in the East Village, and Ba Xuyen in Sunset Park; but this hero wrap-up is multicultural, and includes Cuban sandwiches from Margon (on a side note, we love their black beans and rice), and Italian heroes from the Corona Heights Pork Store, among others.

Their full list, which spans several boroughs and cuisines, and includes those listed above can be found here.

Gothamist absolutely loves Bahn Mi So 1 on Broome & Mott (what a bargain!), and we're pretty excited to try the chicken sandwich at Milanes in Chelsea, but we want to hear from you -- what are your favorite heroes and where can you get them?

Gothamist on banh mi (and other cheap lunch options), cityrag's banh mi wrapup, and the New York Post on Nicky's.