The CBGB restaurant appears to be at least partially open in Newark Airport, according to some photos that circulated on Twitter over the holidays. While the "inside" still seems to be under renovations (bathroom recreation is an art not to be rushed), the al fresco dining area looked pretty packed over the past week.

Just like the original CBGB, there are iPads for ordering, a flatscreen TV showing a sports match, stained glass, your Aunt Cindy from Flensburg, MN, a dark faux-brick facade, Togarashi-Seared Tuna served with a seaweed salad ($16), and a pillar with wallpaper depicting graffiti tags on it. Ceci n'est pas une CBGB.

The restaurant is in Terminal C of Newark Airport in New Jersey, if you'd like to be enveloped by an empty feeling while staring into an Epcot version of a past you may or may not have even experienced. They should have at least gone with a parody menu as a nod to this absurdness.

[h/t Bowery Boogie]