We don't need a "day" to celebrate coffee—the world's most life-giving legal drug—but we have one, and with it comes opportunities for a free buzz. This Friday is National Coffee Day (following quickly on the heels of National Drink A Beer Day, coincidentally) and the big chains and other notable shops are doing their best to inject caffeine into your bloodstream; get it while you still can.

Cafe and workspace Pourt celebrates the day with a free small coffee of any kind. Pictured above is their cortado, but you could also opt for a drip coffee, cold brew, or mocha, if you so choose. 35 Cooper Square in the East Village

If you live near a Cinnabon, stop by for a free 12 ounce coffee at any point during the day. Those able to resist purchasing an accompanying sugar bomb are stronger than I. Multiple Locations

It's PSL season once again, and locations of Gregory's Coffee will hand you a free 12 ounce pumpkin spice latte (hot or iced) if you stop by between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. Multiple Locations

This next one comes with some digital strings attached. If you've got the storage space on your phone, show an employee at any location of Num Pang Kitchen that you've downloaded their mobile rewards app and they'll reward you with a free Cambodian Iced Coffee. Multiple Locations

Tim Hortons also wants your digital loyalty by downloading their app in exchange for free stuff. The extra incentive: the deal runs September 29th through October 8th and includes a free Original Blend, Dark Roast, Decaf or Iced Coffee of any size. Multiple Locations


Goldfinch inside The Time Hotel New York brings the buzz with a free regular drip coffee or a shot of cold brew on Friday's festivities. They're serving Stumptown, if you're snobby about that kind of thing. 224 West 49th Street in Midtown

Birch Coffee's nine locations are testing the generosity of New Yorkers by offering pay what they please for their coffee drinks all day on Friday. A latte usually runs $4 if you need a benchmark. Multiple Locations

We conclude our service with a few kiiiiinda free but kinda not free options. First, Le Petit Parisien's Midtown East and East Village locations will hand you a free coffee if you first purchase a pastry or a sandwich. And Dunkin Donuts, which used to give you free coffee but has steadily been changing its levels of generosity, will give you a free medium hot coffee only after you've already purchased a medium or larger hot coffee.