We still don't know where Anthony Bourdain's forthcoming international market will make its landing but some new details about what will be inside have been unleashed. The chef turned TV host and his business partner Stephen Werthen chatted with Departures about the food market's philosophy, telling them they weren't "interested in the usual suspects" and that the design would be "authentic and theatrical but not Disney-like."

Bourdain had already revealed he was interested in bringing "street food and hawkers legends from around the world" and it looks like that's still part of his model. The market will have "40 to 50 single-concept stalls selling one to two specialities" and be divided into three sections. One would be Asian-inspired with chefs from Singapore and Malaysia cooking family dishes; the next would be street food from around the globe like tostadas from a cart in Ensenada, Mexico and barbecue from meat man Dan Delaney. Finally, a "spotlight" section will highlight a new city or region every three to four months.

“We want you to be able to enjoy expertly sliced Iberico ham and some Cava or Kuching-style laksa [soup], Chinese lamb noodles, Vietnamese pho or a decent barbecue brisket all in one place," Bourdain explained to the magazine. "Most importantly, made by the very best people in each specialized area.” Dishes will be priced between $5 and $25 and the seating will be communal.