Do you have $2,013 you can spend on one, normal-sized pasta dinner? Bice restaurant in Midtown is celebrating 25 years by becoming the latest establishment to serve up a dish that costs more than your monthly rent. This afternoon they told us:

"What makes it so expensive is it’s made of fresh ingredients of mixed wild mushrooms, 2 lb lobster, shaved seasonal black truffles adding to, it’s served on a Limited Edition Gianni Versace Bice plate, especially made for Bice 7 months before Gianni Versace died, It’s signed and numbered with only 50 plates left and the guest will bring it home."

Although, it seems the Versace plate has a value of only $350 [PDF], which means you're spending $1,663 on the food alone, and there's not even any gold Parmesan dust flakes.

The gimmick is being served through February 15th, and we're told that 5 people have already purchased it.