We knew it was the roaches and not the rats that shuttered popular dollar dumpling spot Prosperity Dumpling. And now we know more—so much more—about conditions at the Eldridge Street spot that was so near and dear to our stomachs. Have you completed all eating-related activities for the day? Because we have 65 gnarly violations to ruin your appetite.


Critical violations (listed in red) are the main focus here: food held at improper temperatures and cross-contamination could lead to some digestive, ahem, issues, with icky bacteria allowed to proliferate. Filth flies and cockroaches are never good eats—well, almost never—and just further exposes the restaurant's non-vermin-proof setup. "Even the landlord doesn't have control over the rats outside," owner Dong Xiazhu told us when the rat photo first surfaced. "It's Chinatown."

While 65 violation points is nothing to sneeze at (sorry), this does not break not the record for bad restaurant inspections. In 2013, the original East Village location of S'Mac racked up 71 points and was shuttered by the DOH, only to suffer a similar scenario the following year. Dominique Ansel's original Spring Street bakery was shuttered with only 43 points in April of last year—anything over 28 points is considered a C by the Department of Health—showing that celebrity pastry won't shield you from the occasional unwanted visitor.

[h/t Bowery Boogie]