At Woodstock '69, all people got to eat was brown acid. But now, fifty years later, we've landed in a time when food is almost as important as the music lineup. Or at least, it can be a nice added value for a festival. Governors Ball will be returning to Randall's Island this May 31st (through June 2nd), and they've just announced what's on the menu this year—a menu they have described as both "high-caliber," and featuring items from "the city’s hottest food vendors." There are also promises of "one-time-only food collaborations and experiences." Whatever that means. Take it away, press release:

This year’s hottest collaborations include a doughnut & fried chicken slider from Doughnuttery X The Nugget Spot, fried pickles from Big Mozz X Grillo’s Pickles, the all-vegan “Gov Ball & Beyond” Taco Ball from Arancini Bros, Tots & Queso from Melt Shop X King David Tacos, and an Affogato from Rise Coffee X Davey’s Ice Cream. Other new and exciting vendors to keep an eye out for include Cousins Maine Lobster making all your lobster dreams come true, Mekelburg’s, with chocolate babka Menschkins and a hot chicken sandwich that tastes like you’re in Nashville, Milk & Cream Cereal Bar serving that sweet tooth with soft-serve topped with your favorite childhood breakfast morsels, and Walter’s Hot Dogs, a local institution serving world famous split-and-grilled hot dogs since 1919.

Walter's, if you don't know, is an institution well worth stopping by if you're ever near Mamaroneck. (They have a food truck, which is what will be at Governors Ball.) For drinking, there will be free water stations, as well as not-free Matcha Tea at MatchaBar, fresh juices at John’s Juice, Renegade Lemonade, Piña Coladas and plenty of other cocktails.

There will also be a... bodega, which is new this year. "A visit to Gov Ball won’t be complete without a stop at the Gov Ball Bodega, which will serve as the spot to pick up everything from drinks and snacks to sunscreen and chapstick, and of course, a classic New York Bagel." We'll see about that.

This year's music lineup features The Strokes, Tyler, the Creator, and Florence + the Machine, and many more.