This gloomy weekend weather might be a downer, but do you know what kills Labor Day faster than rain? A FIRE. With that in mind, the FDNY has provided some safety tips to keep you from burning down your backyard while attempting to perfect your own ramen burger. Here are some good ones:

Don't use a flame to check for gas leaks—just inspect the propane hoses for cracking, brittleness, holes and leaks.

Do inspect the propane tank for leaks, cracks, rust and dents.

Don't use your grill indoors, ever. It sucks that you don't have a backyard, but it will suck even more when you die of carbon monoxide poisoning in your living room.

Do keep the grill in an open area at least 10 feet away from buildings, railings and away from eaves and overhanging branches.

Do use barbecue utensils with long handles to keep from burning yourself.

Do keep a hose or bucket of sand nearby to extinguish any small fires you may cause. Don't leave a grill unattended once it's lit.

For a full list of tips, check out the FDNY's website. Also, remember that it is illegal to use or store a propane grill on roofs, terraces, balconies and any residential property with three or more family residences. So, basically, if you don't live in a house or a private brownstone, give up on outdoor grilling and head to one of these sweet barbecue spots instead, lest you be hampered by the long arm of the law and/or fire.