It's gonna be a long winter without Del's (Jen Carlson/Gothamist)

In May of this year we made a promise, after seeing what we believed to be a mirage or manifestation of our nostalgia problem: "If Del's NYC turns out to be a real thing, we will update you. Every day. Forever." The truck turned out to be the real deal, and was soon on the road slinging frozen lemonade. And now there's an update: Cam Crockford, the Hero who brought the Rhode Island treat to the Big Apple, is looking to add a second Del's truck (or... 1950 Chevy Stepvan) for next summer. In order to do that, he's raising funds through Kickstarter—below, learn a little bit about the history of Del's in his pitch:

Now where can we toss our money to get a liquor license for these trucks so they can spike our frozen drinks?