Hell's Kitchen establishment Kashkaval is the latest entry in the annals of lease complications, as the Mediterranean restaurant, wine bar and specialty foods store revealed they may close at the end of the month. According to a petition started by the owners, the restaurant's landlord Clinton Housing Development Corporation has decided not to renew the lease and has also refused to meet with the owners to discuss their reasons.

From the petition:

Kashkaval has been in the community since 1998 and is locally owned. We are good tenants, we pay a market rent and are willing to continue doing so, we employ more than 30 people, and our shop is successful and known locally and internationally.

One longtime Kashkaval devotee, who asked to remain anonymous because Internet commenters are mean, extolled the wine bar's many virtues:

Kashkaval is the perfect spot to meet before attending theater on Broadway (or at the Ensemble Studio Theater), seeing a show at the dreaded Terminal 5, or taking a much needed break from an art fair. The wine list is generous, the service friendly, and the food is meant to be shared. We love the giant beans (giant beans? Is that a thing?), hummus, tahini, spinach, and olives. I asked our waitress for the funkiest red wine they served and I swear to you it tasted like a barnyard. Perfection.

A spokesperson for Clinton Housing Development Corporation told us Kashkaval was "no longer [their] tenant" but declined to elaborate. We reached out to Kashkaval's owners for more insight into the situation and will update when we hear back.