Hundreds of people packed a Community Board 4 meeting in Hell's Kitchen last night to debate Boxers, the popular Chelsea gay sports bar that wants to open on 10th Avenue near 52nd Street. That's just down the block from Public School 111, and many parents are concerned about its proximity to their children—because of the "alcohol exposure," not because it's a gay bar, of course. All that firm, rippling gayness has nothing to do with it! Please let area resident Nivia Cefello, who has lived in Hell's Kitchen for 65 years, explain:

"These kids are curious," Cefello said last night, DNAinfo reports. "They'll want to look into this, they're going to go in there. I'm upset they can meet these people. Their mind will be working and they'll be working hard, and that's where the trouble's going to start real bad." Goodness, will these children even be able to walk home from school without getting seduced into a glitter makeover and a pair of leather chaps? "They should change the name of the bar to Schoolyard," many locals said last night, according to City Room.

After a lively debate—in which supporters of the bar and some community board members complained of an undercurrent of homophobia—the board voted not to recommend a liquor license for Boxers. But the board's ruling is purely advisory, and the SLA could issue the license anyway. In the event that that happens, the board also urged the SLA to require that the bar stay closed during school hours, and put up walls around the bar's rooftop patio so that the children won't be corrupted by the sight of men socializing.

Boxers has already agreed to that compromise, and the owners also insist the establishment does not violate a law prohibiting bars from opening 200 feet from a school. While it's true that a small part of the establishment is within that zone, that part of the bar won't sell booze, just tacos! Oh, and cock rings. But those are free for kids under 10.