2005_09_food_brandywinetomato.jpgIt is a glorious day when the heirloom tomatoes begin to arrive at the city's various and sundry Greenmarkets. Just this past weekend, Gothamist couldn't help but note that New Yorkers were gleefully descending on farmer's market tables, heaped with a collection of gorgeously ugly, brilliantly flavored specimens.

Here are few favorites to keep on your radar screen for your next greenmarket shopping spree:

*Black Prince - a juicy, rich, old heirloom variety from - of all places - Siberia, possessing a very dark garnet-brown flesh

*Brandywine - usually large, red and bursting with flavor, this Amish heirloom variety dates back to the late 1800's

*Cherokee Purple - said to be originally passed down from the Cherokee tribe, you might have also guessed from the name, that this is a lovely, deep purple-pink varietal

*Green Zebra - name speaks to this variety's colorful green/yellow stripes - usually quite small, they pack a punch in terms of full-bodied tomato flavor

*Pineapple - almost as big as its namesake, this heirloom also claims its bright yellow hue and sweetness

And, what's your favorite? Any particular varieties took look out for as the season progresses?