kremedrink.jpgThe mega-chain that carb warriors hate to love, Krispy Kreme, has just announced the release of an intriguing new line of frozen beverages. The one that caught Gothamist's eye is the new "Frozen Original Kreme", which is described on the Krispy Kreme website thus:

Our signature taste, which defines our Original Glazed doughnuts, is captured in a creamy, frozen blend. This drink is rich with just the right balance of flavor and sweetness. Add coffee and it’s like having our coffee and a glazed doughnut swirled in your cup!

Gothamist can only marvel (or shudder) at the unnatural food science that must be involved in reducing the deliciously deep-fried, sugar-coated dreaminess of a glazed krispy kreme doughnut to a slushy fluid. Nevertheless, you're sure to find us at the front of the line for the first-ever doughnut you can drink.