0807beergoddess.jpgHeartland Brewery has just announced what they believe to be the Largest Glass of Beer Commercially Available (an application has already been filed with the Guiness World Records), it is dubbed: "The Beer Goddess." The three-liter glass holds 6.3 pints, 101.4 ounces, or 8.5 cans...and no matter what way you measure it, it's likely to be warm by the time you reach the half way point.

The glass can be filled to the brim with a choice of four of their Clinton Hill-brewed beers, with two additional beers available in the summer. The novelty is likely to wear off after a few ounces are imbibed, no matter what's in the glass. If you still want to take on the massive drink, however, it'll cost you $49 (plus tip!), and does not include the glass itself. The company has made a limited edition of only 100 Beer Goddess glasses, in circulation at their restaurants, and encourages only one per customer per visit.

Though the price tag may seem big, it comes out to a little over $7 bucks per (pint) beer...meanwhile those suckers in Park Slope are shelling out $95 for a regular sized (extremely rare, and allegedly tasty) lager.

Seen a bigger beer out there? Email beergoddess(at)heartlandbrewery(dot)com with a photo.