Soup dumplings are, as we declared last year, the best kind of dumplings, as they offer you both dumpling and soup in one neat little package. There are a few ways to eat the tasty treasures to maximize the savory broth, but one publication is either woefully unaware or deliberately trolling millions by saying that soup dumplings should be eaten without the soup.

Time Out London published a video to its Facebook page, with the horrific status, "Love popping spots AND eating dumplings? Combine the two with exploding soup dumplings at Dumplings Legend."

Warning: This video contains disturbing imagery.

They've gotten some backlash, with some leaving angry comments like: "This is very disrespectful of the Chinese culture, comparing our delicacy to popping spots, on top of eating them in the most offensive way possible," and, "Watching you waste all that soup is akin to someone getting battered fish and chips and peeling the batter off, while remarking, 'love peeling dead skin to reveal the smooth new skin within?'"

Time Out London told BBC News, "We love nothing more than discovering and celebrating incredible food from around the world. We burst soup dumplings to show people in our video the delicious soup that was inside them, so they could enjoy the visual treat of the broth that is tasted but not seen. Later on, you see the journalist biting into the unburst dumpling and enjoying the 'explosion' on her taste buds."

On their website, Time Out London implies they realized they were wrong. Still, the video exploits the hard work the chefs put into making the soup dumplings, and misleads newbies on how to fully enjoy them.

Lesson: The soup from a soup dumpling is not meant for your bowl—it's meant for your belly! Here's our How To if you're new to the soup dumpling game:

Since you're undoubtedly hungry now, consider one of these fine soup dumpling purveyors.