The Health Department just won't stop nagging you about your soda consumption. In the spirit of last year’s hit "Pouring On the Pounds" campaign—which depicted a bottle of soda pouring out disgusting globs of fat—the new subway ad campaign forces straphangers to behold what goes into a large-size serving of sweetened soda: the equivalent of 26 packets of sugar. Is that considered excessive?

"Few of us would knowingly eat that much sugar in one sitting, let alone feed it to our kids," abstemious NYC Health Commissioner Dr. Thomas Farley said in a statement. "This campaign raises a compelling question: If you wouldn’t eat it, why drink it?" (Clearly, Dr. Farley's never been double-dog dared.). As you can see, one of the ads declares, "Your kid just ate 26 packets of sugar." Which is appalling, because who knew we even had kids, or that they're growing up to be such disgusting fatbodies? We're dreading the subway ads telling us how much back child support we owe.