While it seems like many restaurants are suddenly closing in the wake of the scandalous appearance of rats at a Greenwich Village KFC-Taco Bell, the Health Department claims it's just going about business as usual. Their statement to amNY: "Our policy remains the same: Inspectors should cite violations that they see. Our only mission is to enforce the health code and keep restaurants safe for customers." And the DOH denied that closings had spiked recently, which makes this graph very weird.

Mayor Bloomberg acknowledged that there were more closings in the past year because "a new person in charge of that group, and they have doubled the number of restaurants and bars that they have closed down." Former mayor Koch discussed rats with the Sun, "They don't like to be disturbed," which could lend credence to some joints' claims that rats were infiltrating due to neighboring construction.

The Post had an editorial about "Frieden's Follies," as in Frieden's knee-jerk reaction to the rat-infested passing inspection fallout. And John's Pizza on Bleecker was planning on reopening last night - did it happen?

Photograph outside a grocery on 14th and 8th by Jake Fisher; notice how the attempts at removing the sign, in spite of the sign saying "Do not remove"